Wednesday, 18 February 2009

We're about to get paid!

Last year we made a load of 30 second shorts for a project called Fonafilm; the idea being they were video greetings cards you could send with your mobile. We were going to get a cut from each download. This sadly fell through.

Now it's back, but better.

It's no longer called Fonafilm (and I can't remember what the new title was). The guy who came to us has struck a deal with US mobile network Sprint to do the same thing over there. The deal is to supply 20 shorts a month.

We have been asked to supply 10 of those films.

We will be given £800 a month to make these films.

We will get a % cut on downloads of each film we make.

This is good!


  1. Oh yeah, and he asked if I knew anyone who goes animation coz they may want some of those.

  2. You have to provide 10 shorts a month? That's a reasonably tough deadline I'd imagine.

  3. Not really. They're only 30 seconds each, like the ones I showed you when I was down for the Arsenal match. They are easy to rip out.

    Plus the odd animated one...