Monday, 16 February 2009

Transformers teaser

Here's the teaser for Transformers 2. Lots of money shots. Looks cool.


  1. Like staring down the japs eye of a huge digital cock as it pumps CG spunk all over your face.

    Shame they didn't get someone else to direct it.

    Thing is, I watch this and it does look cool, and I want to see it. But I felt the same about the first movie after seeing the trailer. I doubt this one will be any better in real terms.

    Clunky as fuck title too.

  2. it looks damn cool, and i liked the first one, MASSIVE robots smashing shit up, what more can u ask for haha

  3. You could ask for more robots smashing shit up and less of the fucking retards that stand in for people in the movie.